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Jaroslaw Grzegorzek

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Supernova Search

  • Location = About 6 km from Szczecin (northwest Poland) - ca. 53.4N 14.5E
  • Discoveries (7 supernovae) =
    PSN J22394901+3812500 PSN J17162885+0625585
    SN 2015ce SN 2016G
    AT 2016hpv SN 2017dka
    SN 2017gtd
  • Equipment = 0.25m f/3.3 reflector, G-40 mount, ZWO ASI290MM-C
  • Computing = Four PC computers (Windows OS) and own supernova search software
  • Construction = pine wood, roll-off roof - photos
  • Supernovae discovered by other observers
My latest supernova discovery (2017.09.16) SN 2017gtd in IC 221:

Previous discoveries were made using the following equipment